Dynamic Modelling and Simulation

At the heart of a typical ISC project is our capability in Dynamic Modelling and Simulation, whether derived from first principles or plant data. We use high-fidelity, properly validated models to provide our clients with answers to "what-if" questions. Such models give confidence that design and/or operational changes will perform to the required specification.

ISC's modelling capability covers:

  • Development of Nonlinear Dynamic Models for Simulation - The model captures the behaviour of the plant/process, in a level of detail that is appropriate for the refinement of the controller that is to be designed. ISC's preferred or recommended model type is usually a grey-box model.
  • Derivation of Control-Oriented Models - In the case of a model-based controller e.g. model-based predictive control (MPC), a model with specific structure is a direct element within the controller. In the general case, for example a PID controller, the second-order model can be used in the design of the controller, e.g. to ensure specified gain- and phase-margins are met. These models can be obtained through either analytical derivation or system identification.
  • Use of Simulation for Virtual Commissioning of Control Software - During the development of the main control software application, a software emulation of the physical system can be built to replicate the operating modes and anything that requires testing (e.g. ability to inject faults as defined in the System Test Specification). The ability to extensively test software ( either during development or for later revisions or bug fixes) without the need to access the physical system or the real-time target can be very helpful, as testing on the real system is often limited.   Read more ...

At ISC we use our considerable experience in modelling the behaviour of a diversity of systems and processes and work closely with our clients to solve their problems.

We help clients understand the developed model to the depth they require, including providing training if appropriate. We can work with clients to explore the "what-if" questions as part the design team meetings. In the case wheere the end-user does not wish to purchase a simulation package, and instead just needs to use the model, we can even provide standalone simulations.

modelling for control

Our engineers utilise a wide variety of modelling packages such as MATLAB/Simulink, LabVIEW and CD&SIM Toolkit, and Hysys. We can also undertake re-coding of legacy models into new modelling packages, including model conversion from Simulink to LabVIEW.