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Process Control Academy

Industrial process control
that makes a difference to you and your plant


Day 1 - Process Control Refresher

The morning session provides a suitable introduction for those new to process control or a refresher for experienced engineers. Topics covered include:

  • The basics of process dynamics
  • Control and loop tuning
  • How to identify and alleviate common problems
  • Enhanced control such as feed-forward and cascade control

The afternoon is devoted to the control of process with significant deadtime, and will look at de-tuning PI control, control of disturbances, Smith Predictors tuning and sensitivity to plant-model mismatch.

The learning is reinforced using real-life examples.

Day 2 - Predictive Control for Industrial Process Control

This day will see the introduction of model predictive control and its key features that make it the most widely applied advanced control technique. The extraction of models from plant data for use in MPC will also be presented.

End user applications and benefits studies will be discussed, as will the latest MPC packages and guidelines for a successful MPC project.

Day 3 - Utilising Process Data / Wireless for the Process Industries

The final day will provide a review of new tools to aid process control specialists - whether for system identification, data analysis, root cause analysis or loop tuning.

The latest Fieldbus and Wireless Technologies will be demonstrated, together with case-study presentations of the benefits that it can bring to different industries.

Day 1: Process Control Refresher
09.30 Process Control Refresher
11.30 What Makes Control Difficult
12.30 LUNCH
13.15 Hands-On: Tuning Controllers
14.15 Control of Long Deadtime Processes
15.20 Hands-On: Control of Long Deadtime Processes
17.00 CLOSE
Day 2: Predictive Control for Industrial Process Control
09.00 Introduction to Predictive Control
10.40 Modelling for MPC
11.20 Hands-on Predictive Control
12.30 LUNCH
13.15 Applying MPC to Industrial Processes: “Enhancing MPC with Setpoint and Disturbance Profile Tracking” Matt McEwan, Perceptive Engineering Ltd.
14.00 Utilising New MPC Technologies "Semi-adaptive MPC Control Technology" Yucai Zhu, Tai-Ji
15.20 MPC Projects – tbc Glyn Westlake. Emerson Process Management
16.15 Discussion with Expert Panel
16.45 CLOSE
Day 3: Utilising Process Data / Wireless for the Process Industries
09.00 Overview of Data Processing Methods for Process Industries
10.00 PID Tuning based on Closed-Loop Identification Yucai Zhu, Tai-Ji
11.10 Making Process Metrics Work for Your Plant External Speaker, tbc
12.00 LUNCH
12.45 Control in the Field – Loop Performance Benefits Andy Clegg, Industrial Systems and Control Ltd
13.45 Wireless for the Process Industries Andy Wallace, Emerson Process Management
15.15 Wireless Benefits – Power Plant End User Study Andy Wallace, Emerson Process Management
15.45 Academy Wind-up
16.00 CLOSE