Control Engineering Services for
Oil and Gas Industry




ISC provides independent, high quality control engineering consultancy services to the oil and gas industries.

ISC specialises in:

  • Solving difficult practical control problems that other suppliers have looked at but failed to solve;
  • Optimal control design and parameters that yield the most profitable or best way of operating a plant or system;
  • High-fidelity dynamic simulation for:
    • Benefits analysis of process and control modifications.
    • De-risking the design and commissioning of new process equipment and control systems.
    • Re-tuning troublesome control loops.

Our simulation models are always validated to the highest standards against plant data from production or prototype testing, to ensure that the simulation accurately represent the real system.

Optimal control solutions can range from simple classical feedback/feedforward to advanced control, such as model-based methods like MPC. Nevertheless, simplicity remains a key objective in our solutions, providing performance criteria can be met.

Our clients include Shell, BP, Marathon Oil, Total.


We provide standard, industry specific and bespoke courses on a range of fundamental and advanced control engineering topics.

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Simulation of Membrane Filtration Package for Offshore Produced Water

ISC developed a first principles model of this novel process for use on an offshore oil platform. This was to de-risk and refine the process design as it went through the design and factory testing phases, so that our client had much greater confidence of the system working properly as it moved to final commissioning and use.

The model was able to replicate system operation in all expected produced water flow rates and quality, and we were able to refine recommended operational procedures, control strategy and loop tuning.

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Main Oil Line Pump Instability

offshore oil production was modelled using Hysys.Plant. The source of the instability was a combination of a controller constraint and error-squared mode of operation.

Review of Valve Technologies

On behalf of an offshore oil platform operator, ISC assessed the pros and cons of the new technologies in terms of diagnostics, performance, interfacing, maintenance.