Understanding Control Technologies


We develop and deliver bespoke training courses for companies who need a highly tailored course directly aligned to their technical and business needs.

Should you require a training course not currently served by our standard courses or would like material that is specific to your industrial application, ISC would be happy to discuss your training requirements.

We have developed and delivered bespoke training for several clients including EDF, BP, Rolls-Royce Marine, BAE Systems and Danieli Automation.

Examples include:

  • Control Engineering Practice for Nuclear Power Stations - EDF
  • Upstream Process Control - BP
  • A series of electronics and control engineering courses - Rools-Royce Marine
  • Servomechanism control - BAE Systems and general
  • Modelling, system identification and control - Danieli Automation
Simulation for Upstream Process Control Training

simulation based training tool

ISC developed user friendly simulation based hands-on for its Upstream Process Control Course. These used existing or newly developed process models for seperators, gas turbines and compressors, to give examples that focussed on the learing.

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