Welcome to Process Control Academy


The main theme of the Process Control Academy training and awareness course is the control of processes with deadtime, model predictive control, productivity tools for control engineers and wireless technology. The focus is on techniques that provide a competitive advantage through improved performance, better understanding and more efficient processes and working.


  • 3-day industry-focussed programme
  • Invited experts delivering valuable end-user case studies
  • Basic and advanced process control with proven application
  • Overview of new technologies and tools

Target Audience

  • Process control engineers wishing to refresh their knowledge and understanding of the latest techniques
  • Managers requiring an up-to-date overview of quality improving technology
  • Operation and production staff looking for ways to get more from their plant
Scheduled Process Control Academy Courses

Currently we do not have any regular courses scheduled. Please contact us below if you would like to discuss any dedicated training for your company.

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