Process Control Troubleshooting

Example Projects:
  • Evaporation Tower Level Instability - Manual operation for an important level controller had become the norm due to instability when in automatic. Two problems were identified - unreliable level measurement and poor tuning . A plan to deploy a different sensor design and subsequent retuning was put in place to solve the problem. (Download project note)
  • Aluminium Rolling Mill - Investigation into bouncing of ironing roll and control of force and position through a hydraulic ram.
  • Cascaded Tanks Instability - A new multi-million pound production process was operating at 70% of its designed throughput. After two years without a resolution to the problem, ISC was engaged and quickly found inappropriately used function blocks in the DCS code. These were removed and controllers retuned to remedy the problem.

Original Level Step Response

Level Step Response After Re-design