Control Design

The development of effective feedback control strategies is a core skill of ISC engineers. A proper assessment of the process as a whole is undertaken, including effects on neighbouring/coupled systems and processes. Control objectives, disturbances, nonlinearities, uncertainties, robustness and noise immunity are all considered when a control strategy is developed. Solutions can range from simple classical feedback or feedforward to advanced control, such as model-based methods like MPC or methods like Fuzzy Logic control. However, simplicity is a key objective in our solutions, providing performance criteria can be met.

Many of ISC's control design projects involve the development of a nonlinear dynamic model to assess effectiveness in simulation. This allows the new control solution to be compared against the existing to quantify benefits, and then be deployed with confidence.

Constrained Optimal Predictive Control

ISC has experience with a range of predictive and other advanced control algorithms and software packages, varying from the standard MATLAB Model Predictive Control Toolbox to our own advanced tools for nonlinear MPC (NMPC) and nonlinear generalised minimum variance (NGMV) control.

"Simplicity is a key objective in our solutions, providing performance criteria can be met."

What We Provide

ISC provides clients with control design service and full implementation using the National Instruments series of hardware targets for LabVIEW (e.g. CompactRIO and FPGA, PXI). Where full implementation is not required, we can offer implementation support to the client.

Read here for two case studies in control design ISC undertook for Houlder Ltd :